Cockapoos are a popular choice of dog in the UK. Their medium size makes them an ideal choice for many owners. They are outgoing bold dogs by nature with a love for life. Friendly with people and other dogs they are the choice of many families.

We breed F1, that’s a first generation cross with one parent being a pure cocker spaniel and the other a pure poodle.  We also breed F1b, that’s where one parent is a cockapoo crossed back to a poodle. That’s where the B which stands for Backcross comes from. Both crosses are low moult dogs. The real difference between these crosses is in the density and tightness of curl in the coat. You will see the term hypoallergenic banded about on the internet. No dog is hypoallergenic as it depends entirely on what you are allergic to. For a lot of people its not hair, we have certainly seen people allergic to saliva and dander. Its very important if you have an allergy to find out exactly what it is you are allergic to. Families with mild allergies often cope with exposure and initial use of antihistamines. For anything more serious than a mild allergy medical advice should be sought and testing carried out.

We only use working cocker spaniel lines for our Cockapoo breeding programme. This is because trainability ,health and temperament are of the upmost importance to us not how the dog looks. Show bred cockers can look very different to a working cocker as having been bred for the show ring they have heavier coats and more exaggerated features most notably in head shape and eye conformation. We look for FTCHs in our cocker breeding lines as a good example of long term health and trainability. Cocker spaniels can also vary quite a few inches in size. With this in mind we appropriately match our cocker spaniels to the correct sized poodle for them. This means we use both Toy and miniature poodle stud dogs. There is only a couple of inches at most height difference between our Toy and Miniature Poodles but the miniatures are a chunkier thicker set dog. It is also possible to have a standard poodle bred Cockapoo although the mum would need to be the poodle. This is not commonly done as it does produce a large dog.

We carry out DNA health test profiling on all of our stud dogs. We regularly update their DNA profiles if and when new tests become available. Our females are normally generations of our own breeding from health tested sires. For the majority of health condition for example PRA you need the recessive gene present on both sides to pass on a condition. So if one parent is clear and a non carrier its impossible for the puppy to actually develop the condition. We will always go through the DNA profiling for a specific litter for you. Cocker spaniel sires in our breeding programme are tested for Progressive retinal atrophy, Hereditary nephropathy, Familial nephropahy and Acral mutilation syndrome.

Size of our cockapoos. This varies to each individual litter not least because as above we use both toy and miniature poodles but also because cocker spaniels also vary in size by a good few inches. When you cross parents from two different breeds they have a wider gene pool to select from. Therefore they can vary in size and can be larger than both parents. A bit like our own children , they dont come out the same height as us. Within each individual litter there will be bigger and smaller pups, this is because some may take more toy poodle genes for example. As a general rule males are normally chunkier and a little taller than their female counterparts but again this varies. We are always able to advise you within individual litters which pups are likely to be bigger and which smaller this is evident by the six week point.

Cockapoos although not a large breed dog are generally active and playful. They love interaction with people and other dogs. They enjoy games and require mental stimulation as well as exercise. If you are an active family or enjoy longer walks on the weekend for example then they are a good choice. They will require regular brushing and regular trips to a qualified groomer to have their coats clipped. They are an upbeat happy dog and love to be part of a family. This is what has made them one of the most popular breeds in the UK over recent years. They enjoy agility but equally can make very good PAT dogs.


"We brought our little Miko home yesterday and we are in love with his incredible nature and gorgeous face. Claire has been so helpful and informative and her support has made the experience so enjoyable."