Poodles are my first love, wonderful intelligent active dogs in a range of sizes each having a very different personality. All poodles are non moulting with thick curly coats that require regular brushing and trips to the groomer

Toy poodles are the smallest of the poodles. They are normally under 12 inches at the shoulder. They are very long lived 18 years is not unusual and we would expect most to reach 15 years. They are cheeky, opinionated with huge personalities to go with their little stature. The best of companions they bond very tightly with their owners and are extremely loyal. They often chose a favourite person and remain loyal to them their entire lives. They may be small but are active and are often excellent climbers …its no wonder they were often in the circus. They do not suit homes where someone is away for most of the day as they really are a girl or boys best friend and just love to be part of the family. So having a toy poodle is a lifelong commitment both ways. They are very trainable and we have bred agility champions under our affix.

Miniature poodles are the middle sized poodles. They are chunkier in bone and should be between 12 and 15 inches at the shoulder. Again a thick non moulting coat requiring regular grooming. The miniature differs in personality a little as they don’t tend to chose one person as markedly as a toy poodle does. They are more active and often a little more talkative. They love a run and suit a more active home than the toy poodle. They are like all the poodles intelligent and easily trained… if they are not training you!

Standard poodles are the biggest of all the poodles and have a fairly big height range going from 16 inches up to 32inches. Most standards will sit in the 20 inch plus category. These dogs have real presence, steady and patient tempraments. Trainable to a huge number of roles being a gundog by nature. We have standards working as assistance dogs, therapy dogs and in agility. Around the world they are still used for their gundog work, police dogs in some countries and are the only breed of dog other than a sled dog to have completed the Idittarod in Canada. No mean feat but testament to their loyalty and strength.

I cant really say enough good things about a standard. They really are wonderful. Once you have had a standard poodle its near impossible to have another breed. They are much underestimated and there are not as many around these days which is a real shame. They are calm loving dogs as adults. Big boucy pups but they do go to sleep one night as a baby and wake up as an adult. From that point on they really are the most wonderful breed of dog and yes they are my favourite. Life expectancy 12 to 15 years. We have quite a few we have breed currently at 15 years. Again grooming is a must as is regular brushing. They also love a run on those long legs and are fast agile dogs but equally will lie in front of the fire.


"We brought our little Miko home yesterday and we are in love with his incredible nature and gorgeous face. Claire has been so helpful and informative and her support has made the experience so enjoyable."